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Rank Structure

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 16, 2016 12:53 am

Rank Structure

Every member has a duty they need ( should) to do. That duty is to be active on forums and as well in clan chat and in activities. I want a fair and balance rank system. When you meet me halfway with it, you will earn your rank.

Gold Star:
These are my leaders. They are handpicked by the clan leader. You have to be active frequently and show support and exceed the standards of being a leader.

Silver Star:
This rank is for my council people as well as coordinators. You have to contact the leader and apply for this position if you wish to be part of it.

Red Star:
This is mainly for my Clan Chat Moderators. Those people who be in charge of chat if I am not there and same goes for my leaders. These people are lenient with the family ( I make sure of that) they will not kick anyone for the fun of it at all. This is to make sure everyone does not bully one another and discriminate.

3 Bananas:
This rank will be given when you been here for about 2 months now. Your an awesome player, always active on forums, attend meetings. The player also gives his/her knowledge well on our family and pretty much know its routine.

2 Bananas:
You have been in the family for about a month now. You understand our structure and what we do as a family and helped us out a bit!

1 Bananas:
New to the family, looking forward getting to know yeah!

If you have a problem with your rank in the family, please PM me or any of the leaders! Our duty is to make sure you are happy in the family and to make sure all is fair and balance!

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