Clan Rules

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Clan Rules

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 16, 2016 12:51 am

1. Please follow Jagex rules and our rules. Anything that goes that goes against these set of rules will result in a negative manner.

2. There will be NO discriminating against members. We are a 0 tolerance family for anything DISCRIMINATING. If anyone of my staff or leader on and see this? They will kick you out of the family and you will not be allowed back in until that person speaks to me personally.

3. There will be NO DRUG TALK. Anything that is related to drugs (excluding prescription drug related talk) such as meth, crack and anything else that a person may get offended from will NOT BE ALLOWED. Be respectful to one another on this topic and keep it to yourselves.

4. There will be no such thing as multi-clanning. I do indeed check everyone's forum profile every once and a while and check on yeah. This is a one family and I would like to keep it like that. If you have any questions on this, or if you have a hobby and a clan mainly does that then please do PM me and I would talk to you about it with you.

5. Rank talk. THERE WILL BE NO RANK TALK IN THE CLAN CHAT. It is NO ONE'S business to know about your rank issue or where you stand. If you got a problem with if your rank then you WILL talk to me about it personally.

6. There will be NO religion talk as well as family. By this I mean you there will be no violent take a one's religion and to a one's family. It is just unacceptable and WRONG.

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